mounts Axial Displacement LVDT’s on your bituminous test specimens.

Grips irregularly shaped field cores for accurate LVDT readings.

Stop fighting problem test specimens. Put the [bite] on your test specimens with a Vee-Clamp and take control of your tests.

The Vee-Clamp from OEM, Inc. securely attaches your displacement transducers (LVDTs) to out of round, tapered or even square specimens. The serrated contact surfaces of the Vee-Clamp just keep on gripping over a broad size range.

Whether your application is asphalt mixture evaluation or geotechnical testing, say “goodbye” to ruined tests due to ill-fitting clamps. Quick to setup, the secure grip of the Vee-Clamp® assures accurate displacement transducer (LVDT) readings on both laboratory specimens and field cores.